Same Rules Apply!

Tips to Parenting a Blended Family

Parenting does not come with a rule book and it is definitely a difficult task. As parents we are tasked with the tiresome job of raising our little ones to grow and become productive citizens of society. When it comes to parenting a blended family things can be challenging because you are dealing with several different factors. I would like to share a few parenting tips that helped us in the early stages of blending our family and that still work for us 14 years later.

1. Stand firmly together and tackle parenting as a unit. a. You and Your spouse should always stand united when it comes to parenting and making decisions.

2. Build a relationship with your children.

3. Do not compare siblings

4. Host family meetings a. Family meetings ensure that everyone receive the same message and allows you to clear up any confusion or misunderstandings immediately. b. Listen and allow everyone to express themselves and be heard.

5. Everyone must abide by the same rules. What is required of one child should be required for them all.

6. Clearly define rules and expectations

7. Communication is Key a. Keep an open line of communication b. Family group chat * c. Follow one another on social media platforms*

8. Don’t be afraid to start over and try again, it will take time to find what works for your family.

9. Patience, Patience, Patience a. Blending your family will require you to practice patience and remain open minded and understanding. b. Integrating families take time to gel

10. Don’t give up Blending families requires patience, perseverance and prayer. You may become frustrated and tired along the journey of parenting your blended family. Continue to pray and have faith that God will see your family through the difficult times.

*Age appropriate

~Blended & Loving it



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