Persistence is Key

How our lives came together...

While driving my daughter to school one day I was stopped at a stoplight and noticed a familiar face at the adjacent light, we waved and the went on our way. The very next day, I see the same familiar face at the same stoplight at the same time. Well this went on for maybe a week or two. Then one day I pull in at my daughters’ school and of course her being a nosey 7-year-old she notices that the man from the light is behind us. Looking over the back seat she says, “Momma that man from the light is behind us.” We exchange pleasantries and then out of nowhere he asks for my number of course I gave it to him because I’ve known this guy since we were children it was nothing. I went on about my day and did not have a second thought about him or what took place that morning.

Approximately a week later he called, and I didn’t answer. To be honest, I was not in a place where I was looking for another relationship nor was, I interested in him. LOL, He called a few more times and I didn’t answer. One day I decided to pick up, I was curious as to what he wanted. We talked briefly but nothing major, I was still not interested. One day out of nowhere he sent flowers to my job, yes, I was shocked, and that prompted a phone call. I remember asking him what are your intentions? His answer to that question and a few dates and late-night phone calls later he won me over.

We begin officially dating in October 2005, he popped the big question the day before Thanksgiving November 2005 and we were married January 1, 2006. We had a very small ceremony after church with our immediate family and children. He told me he knew the minute that he talked to me that I was going to be his wife and the rest is HISTORY or shall I say HIS-STORY!

I will not say this journey has been easy, but it was never a journey that I wanted to end. We endure and battled the bad times together as one and that makes the good times ten times more special.

~Blended & Loving it



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