Our Bonding Time!

Do Not Have Those Girls Comb My Baby's hair.

I must admit I am guilty of this… When my relationship with her dad ended it left me feeling confused and out of control. That was my way of controlling the things that I felt I could no longer control. DO NOT HAVE THOSE GIRLS COMBING MY BABY HAIR! In my defense those girls could not comb hair and my baby was looking crazy by the head. Well that’s what I told myself anyway. LOL Now when I was on the receiving end of that same demand, I must admit that it did not feel good at all. I knew I could comb hair, shoot I had been combing my daughter’s hair for 7 to 8 years by that time, so surely, I could comb a 2-year old’s hair. LOL It wasn’t until I stepped back and took a long look at the situation that I knew this had nothing to do with combing hair, it was all about controlling the things that could be controlled. I would say it was my karma coming back to slap me in the face. Combing my daughter’s hair was my time to bond with her, and it pained me to think that some other girl would be getting that bonding time with my daughter. Let’s just say Thank God for Growth. My 41-year-old self would tell my 20ish year old self it’s fine, it doesn’t matter who combs her hair, or who bonds with her because I am her MOTHER, and no one will ever take my place. No one can ever take the place of biological parents, they may fill in, provide extra love, resources etc. but that will never replace the biological parents.

~Blended & Loving it



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